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Harbaugh: Brandon Jacobs to be released Monday, kickers brought in for tryouts

We break down some of Jim Harbaugh's comments about the 49ers heading into the playoffs.

Ezra Shaw

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh just wrapped up his Monday press conference, and naturally it focused almost exclusively on the playoffs (as opposed to discussing much from the Cardinals game). Harbaugh touched on a variety of topics, and while he did not provide a ton of detail on most topics, he was very clear on one, somewhat clear on another:

1. Brandon Jacobs will be released later today

Jacobs was suspended for the remainder of the regular season, and the 49ers had to make a decision on him once the season ended. Harbaugh was asked if Jacobs would rejoin the team, and was quick to say no and that Jacobs would be released later today. So much for that.

2. The team is bringing in kickers for tryouts and competition

According to Harbaugh, David Akers remains with the 49ers. The team is going to bring in some kickers for tryouts this week as they prepare for their first playoff opponent. Harbaugh said there were three options at this point: 1) Akers is the guy, 2) Cut Akers, go with a new guy, and 3) Sign a new kicker alongside Akers and let them compete in practice.

Coach Harbaugh also laid out the upcoming week's schedule for the bye. Players were in getting treatment and doing some lifting. They will have three days off from practice, returning to work on Thursday. Coach Harbaugh also said the coaches would suggest, or even insist, that the players stick around Santa Clara the next few days. With New Years Eve going off tonight, let's hope nobody gets in trouble.