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Jim Harbaugh gives Alex Smith/Screech a pat on the back

A rare Alex Smith appearance with Jim Harbaugh on Saved by the Bell: The New Class

Ezra Shaw

This quarterback situation has been a tough one to deal with because a lot of people feel more emotionally connected to it given Alex Smith's history and how things have developed. As tough as that can be, that doesn't mean we can't poke a little fun at the situation.

While I think Colin Kaepernick's upside is tremendous and I can see why Jim Harbaugh made the move, there are some issues with the handling of it. Naturally it has to be open for mocking, right?

Just a bit ago I posted some video of Jim Harbaugh making a fairly amazing appearance on Saved by the Bell: The New Class. The episode closed with Harbaugh giving Screech (apparently his cousin in the episode) a pat on the back that knocks him over. Saved by the Bell always had a freeze-frame at the end and it froze with the Harbaugh smile after Screech went down:


Our GIF guy put together that GIF, and had a little fun with it and the 49ers quarterback situation. While it is a serious situation, there is some measure of humor to be found in it.