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49ers playoff scenarios, Week 14

We break down the 49ers playoffs scenarios heading into Week 14, and look at the overall NFC playoff picture.

Following the Redskins win over the Giants, I put together a short video discussing the current playoff situation in the NFC. The video focuses on the 49ers, but includes a look at the rest of the conference, given how tight things are getting.

Week 14 is just around the corner, which means there are playoff scenarios to consider. For those that missed my tweets on this earlier today, the 49ers can in fact clinch a playoff berth this week. It is not the easiest of options, but it does exist. The 49ers will clinch a playoff berth if they beat the Dolpins and then one of the following two sets of results:

1. Cowboys loss, Vikings loss, Buccaneers Redskins loss, Rams loss/tie


2. Cowboys loss, Vikings loss, Buccaneers Redskins loss, Seahawks loss/tie

So you know who you are rooting for and against, these teams are matched up as follows:

Cowboys @ Bengals
Vikings vs. Bears
Buccaneers vs. Eagles
Redskins vs. Ravens
Rams @ Bills
Seahawks vs. Cardinals

So, go Bengals, Bears, Eagles, Ravens, Bills and Cardinals? In reality, I only care about two results. I want to see the 49ers beat the Dolphins, and I want to see the Seahawks lose to the Cardinals. As long as the 49ers keep winning, nothing else matters, but Seahawks losses help clean things up all the sooner. It's pretty simple.