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49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and his tortoise, Sammy

We take a look at Colin Kaepernick with his tortoise, Sammy.

Imgur via 49ers sub-Reddit

There is absolutely nothing of significance to this post, other than to say, Colin Kaepernick has a turtle named Sammy. Thanks to the fine folks at Reddit, the above picture was unearthed. I don't know if the timing is coincidence or otherwise, but there is a great article about Kaepernick's dad and some of the things he has tweeted with his son.

I realize many folks come here for in-depth analysis, but when we can find a picture of Colin Kaepernick with a tortoise, of course it is going up!

My brother and I actually had a pair of tortoises when we were kids. Mine was not quite this big, but he was still a pretty sizable guy. I named him Blackjack (I grew up in Las Vegas). Consider this an opportunity to learn even more about me!