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49ers salary cap database and news coverage

We provide a few resources for 49ers salary cap news and information.

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In case you missed it last week, Jason Hurley of Niner Cap Hell has joined the writing staff to help provide some insight into the 49ers salary cap situation. The salary cap is often a mystery because the NFL tries to keep the information under wraps as much as possible. Without open books nothing is ideal, but Jason has spent years researching this, and is able to at least give us an idea into the salary cap, and how the 49ers might be maneuvering within the framework.

Jason wrote some content before under the username AB83Rules, and after some discussion, he agreed to come on board in a bit of a partnership between Niners Nation and Niner Cap Hell. His first article under this new arrangement was about the 49ers linebacker contracts following NaVorro Bowman's contract extension. Jason will be providing plenty of content over the coming days, weeks and months to keep everybody informed on the salary cap situation.

A big part of this partnership is the addition of his cap database as it relates to the 49ers. We've set up pages with tables of salary cap info for this year through 2018, which is as far as 49ers contracts go right now. You can bookmark the links below, or if you go to the front page and scroll below the cover, you'll "Library" on the nav bar. If you scroll over that, the 2012 through 2016 pages are linked in there.

2012 Cap Numbers
2013 Cap Numbers
2014 Cap Numbers
2015 Cap Numbers
2016 Cap Numbers
2017 Cap Numbers
2018 Cap Numbers

Jason's salary cap articles will cycle through the front page, but if you want to be sure you know where they are, bookmark our new 49ers Salary Cap hub. You can also follow Jason on Twitter.