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Greg Roman, Tennessee Volunteers and going down the rabbit hole

We take a look at a very basic rumor about 49ers OC Greg Roman and supposed interest in the Tennessee Volunteers head coach job.


The 2012 college football regular season has wrapped up, which means schools are changing coaches as quickly as humanly possible. The college football coaching rumor mill is about as wild as it gets, with every opening being considered by 50 different coaches. 25 of those will "reportedly" interview, three will have accepted the job, and eventually, someone is hired.

Well, 49ers fans, welcome to that rabbit hole. There isn't a lot more than a tweet, but I've been told by people in the know that Wes Rucker is considered a reputable source for college info.

Being interested in the position does not mean Roman will get the job, or even be offered an interview for the job. According to Team Speed Kills (our general SEC blog), head coaching experience remains in Tennessee's search criteria, which would remove Roman from that list at this point.

I haven't paid close attention, but it sounds like the Vols search is not going particularly well, which could open the door for someone like Roman. The Coach Harbaugh coaching tree is a pretty hot one right now, with Willie Taggart another candidate out there. Given David Shaw's own success this year at Stanford, the Harbaugh touch could help some folks.

Greg Roman has indicated college interest in the past, given his involvement in the Penn State coaching process. It remains to be seen what his interest is at this point as compared to a potential NFL head coaching job. We won't get much in the way of information from Roman at this point given that we are in-season, and Roman wouldn't be likely to tell us much of anything even if it was the middle of June.

And so, we wait. Welcome to the college football coaching rumor mill rabbit hole. I'll keep an eye out for more details, but this is something to at least have on your radar.