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Dolphins vs. 49ers Week 14 Fantasy Football Preview

Are you counting on a player from one of these teams for a fantasy football victory? That is an ugly situation my friend, but here are a few tips to help you get that playoff win.

David Welker

Well...that was a nuts fantasy season. From referee lockouts, to injured players to quarterback controversies, I just hope your team is still in the mix. Like many, I have more than one fantasy team. In my favorite league I missed out on the playoffs by one win (My biggest regret - investing so heavily in the Eagles offense). I'm still alive in other leagues so Sunday morning I will wake up, have some coffee, put on my war paint and buckle in for another do or die situation.

The 49er players of fantasy relevance have a decent matchup against the Dolphins. The Miami defense is solid, but they can be beat. On the other side there really isn't much to discuss. You might have to start Reggie Bush, but beyond him you are in desperation mode. Here is a quick preview of the fantasy impact of this game's key players:

Michael Crabtree

Uh...well... I mean... (straightens tie) ...I thought his production would continue to dip with Kaepernick under center. The Ram killer went for 6/100, but no TD last week. He gets an easier matchup this week in a game that could feature more passing. I do fear his targets (11 last week) will dip, but it seems the offense wants to use their #1 receiver more often. He is a decent WR3 option week 14. You could do way worse on your quest to fantasy football glory.

Final Line: 5 receptions for 75 yards, 1 TD

Frank Gore

The first week of fantasy playoffs brings a tough test for Mr. Gore. The Dolphins give up the 9th fewest fantasy points to running backs and excel at stopping the straight line runners. Gore's patience and vision will undoubtedly work in his favor this week. Given his status as the lead back without a significant threat to vulture carries you can still roll with him as a RB2 this week.

Final Line: 75 yards rushing, 3 receptions for 15 yards, 1 TD

Vernon Davis

Let's face it; this was an awful year for tight ends. Inconsistency and injuries have struck anyone you could possibly dream of starting. Brandon Myers has been cream of the crop the last 3 weeks, that sums up the season perfectly. Vernon had only one noteworthy performance since week 5 and it's there is no guarantee he'll pick it up versus the Dolphins. You aren't likely to find a better option on waivers this week, so if you got him you have to start him and hope he is this week's Crabtree for the 49ers. For the record I would start Kyle Rudolph and Brandon Myers over VD week 14.

Final Line: 3 receptions 45 yards

Colin Kaepernick

Fantasy wise Colin has been cooling off since the Chicago game. He will get a shot against an average defense this week. The matchup doesn't scream must start, but the plan could be for more down field passing. I'd rank Kaepernick somewhere between 8-12 amongst quarterbacks this week. Good luck if you are relying on Kaep to get you through the first round of the playoffs. His ability to run keeps his floor relatively high and you should be straight if he throws for a TD or 2.

Final Line: 55 yards rushing, 250 yards passing, 1 TD

Reggie Bush

The Dolphins lead back has run hot and cold all season. The thermometer is set to bottom out with the Niner run defense on the horizon. Reggie, the bench cries for thee this weekend. Even if Daniel Thomas wasn't lurking in the shadows waiting to steal his carries I still wouldn't consider Bush more than a flex option.

Final Line: 50 yards rushing 2 receptions for 20 yards

Miami Sleepers

If you are looking for a long shot, as in you are in a 20 team AFC only league, here are a few names you could check for:

Davone Bess

Bess is always worth a look in PPR leagues and the shifty receiver should have his opportunities this week. He already got his annual touchdown so don't count on him hitting paydirt again.

Final Line: 5 receptions 60 yards

Brian Hartline

Hartline hasn't come close to duplicating his week 4 explosion. He has the speed and the love of his quarterback, but he tends to disappear for stretches. He could break a long one, but the Niners have been pretty good at shutting down the big play.

Final line: 4 receptions 70 yards

Do any of these players have your fantasy season in their hands? Leave a comment and we'll dish over coffee and week old pumpkin pie.