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49ers vs. Dolphins TV schedule: Broadcast Maps for US, Canada, UK, Germany

We take a look at where the 49ers-Dolphins game will be broadcast in the US, Canada, UK and elsewhere, according to and other sites.


The 49ers are back in action this week against the Miami Dolphins, in a game that is getting spotty coverage at best in the United States. Due to the breakdown of the schedule, early games are resulting in fairly limited coverage of the 49ers-Dolpins as the lone afternoon CBS game. CBS' No. 2 team of Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf will provide commentary on the game, but it's not enough to get much coverage.

As has become fairly regular, I wanted to break down some of the various broadcast maps for the United States and around the world to see where people will be able to check out the 49ers-Dolphins matchup. We don't have any information on Canada quite yet, but we've got some other details.

If you can't view for some reason (not sure what that reason would be), here is a rundown of most of the states where the 49ers-Dolphins game will be be broadcast:

Northern California, and the northern part of the Central Valley, all but eastern Oregon, northern Nevada, Utah, southwest Wyoming, Dallas, Minneapolis, most of Minnesota, eastern North Dakota, St. Louis, Atlanta, middle and South Florida, Charlotte, Chicago, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Philadelphia, southern New Jersey

Armed Forces Network
Appears to be on the "xtra" channel, whatever that is.

United Kingdom
BBC Radio, 5 Live. Game Pass. The United Kingdom will feature several other games on Sky Sports and other channels. I'd recommend bookmarking, this NFL UK website.

Available on ESPN America at 10pm CET

If you know a country where the game will be shown and do not see it here, post something in the comments. I do know it will not be airing in Brazil, for those of you dying to know.