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Tennessee hires Butch Jones: Putting a bow on that story

We provide an update on the Tennessee Volunteers head coach search, where Greg Roman had reportedly been interested.


Yesterday afternoon I put together a quick post about 49ers OC Greg Roman's supposed interest in the Tennessee head coaching job. I indicated that his interest does not mean he will get the job, or even get an interview. That would appear to be the case as the Volunteers have reportedly hired now former Cincinnati Bearcats coach Butch Jones.

This does not necessarily mean the end of 49ers coaches considering other jobs. There are still some college head coaching jobs out there. The biggest name jobs right now are Colorado, Cincinnati, Purdue, South Florida and Wisconsin.

The NFL will also have plenty of openings as well. Right off that bat, it looks like the Chargers job will be opening sooner rather than later. I imagine Philadelphia could have an opening as well. There are reasons to keep most of the other coaches out there, but odds are pretty high that there will be some other openings around the league.

As usual, there are some big name candidates that will show up in the NFL rumor mill. Chip Kelly is the big name, as is Jon Gruden and I'd imagine Bill Cowher. Andy Reid could also very well land on his feet somewhere, and that doesn't even get into the eventual "hot" coordinator candidates that emerge over the course of the season.

For now though, that's one more coaching job locked up.