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Colin Kaepernick's nickname is what?



SB Nation has a new deal with Gillette in which we will discuss topics they have deemed "hot debate questions". This week, the question is "Who has the best nickname in the NFL?" You can go over to Facebook and voice your opinion.

I would actually say the timing of this is pretty perfect. Yesterday, Eric Branch retweeted some interesting information from a Dolphins beat writer:

In case you don't recall Jafar from Aladdin, here are some pictures. That is certainly an interesting choice of a nickname. Although Jafar was the villain in Aladdin, I have to imagine the nickname has to do more with Kaepernick's goatee and general appearance more than anything else. Maybe it's more of poking fun than a nickname.

It'd be interesting to hear some of the other nicknames players have given other players in the 49ers locker room. Way back when, then Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson proclaimed Patrick Willis as Bamm Bamm, because of how hard he tackled. People have tried P-52 and P-Willy, but Bamm Bamm has always been my nickname of choice for Willis.

Frank Gore has his own mix of nicknames. We've used Frank the Tank quite a bit, and I believe it was Rich Eisen who coined the phrase, "The Inconvenient Truth".

What are some of your favorite 49ers player nicknames, and do you have any suggestions for nicknames for current members of the team? I don't think nicknames can easily be attached, but they're still fun to come up with.