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LaMichael James vs. A.J. Jenkins, Part Deuce

James vs. Jenkins: Let's clarify a few points, shall we?


You guys generated a lot of discussion yesterday about LaMichael James and A.J. Jenkins. It was good stuff. I found it super interesting to read through, especially because of how many people (it seemed) had really good arguments for James. I think those of you who were advocating for a "Hunter-type" role for James are probably right. Not because James is as good as Kendall Hunter. I think that Hunter is probably a better RB right now. No, I think it's a good argument because Frank Gore has really learned to exploit that type of change of pace style. I think the change of pace system compliments Gore quite well.

I'm bringing this up again because a couple of you raised a good question in the comments: why does it need to be either / or? Can't we have both players on the field, since they play at two different positions?

Well, yes, of course we can. I liked reedkrase's explanation a lot: "heisenberg uncertainty principle. Position (Jenkins) and Momentum (James) can't be known simultaneously." Boom. Ya'll been physics'd.

But, joking aside, I wanted to return to the question. First off, I think puzzle games like either / or questions or David and my flag football draft from a while ago add a certain understanding of the team that we might not have without them. It's always good to try to approach this team from fresh and, yes, sometimes theoretical perspectives. Asking unique questions begets unique opinions and thoughts.

Getting more practical, though, I hope it's somewhat of an either / or question with James and Jenkins. Not for the whole game, but on most plays. I mean, if you rearrange "Jenkins, James, and Colin Kaepernick" you can literally spell "potential for disaster." Don't try it. It's science. I just think having three newer players on the field at the same time when we have so much depth on this team is tempting Football hubris. I want to see the young guys play; I just also want them to be in positions to succeed and for the team to be in a position to win. That might take the two of them rotating in.