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Golden Nuggets: Dolphins at 49ers, a blowout in the making?

Sunday, December 9, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web. Some typical Sunday morning gameday links for you to enjoy.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Miami Dolphins come in to Candlestick Park today and I'm going to come out and say it right now...They're going to get whooped. I know they've played good at times this season and shouldn't be overlooked. My prediction has nothing to do with the quality of the Dolphins. It has everything to do with what the 49ers under Coach Harbaugh do in the game following a loss or tie. It's not pretty, people. Here's some stats. Since 2011, in games following a tie/loss, the 49ers are 6-0, have outscored opponents 138-24, outgained them 1949-1313 and have won the turnover battle 16-1. The touchdown scored by the Bears in Week 11 is the only touchdown the 49ers have given up under these circumstances and it was meaningless and well after the outcome had been decided. Basically, sorry Miami. You look up-and-coming...see you in Miami in four years.

OK, I'm being a bit cocky...but that's how confident I feel about this game. I also opened up a Twitter account. It's @GafflezMalone. I'm just putting Niners news on there as I find it on the web when I'm searching stories as well as sending out my posts. It'll be strictly 49ers based. I've got zero followers to date. 100th follower gets a free sundae from Baskin Robbins....ummm.....if they can get to Australia.

Not many links to speak of, or to link to. Typical gameday. So add some links in the comments, get talking, do something to liven these Sunday Nuggets up. I'm going to bed.

Week 14: Dolphins at 49ers

Here's my preview piece. It's got the above mentioned stats on the 49ers after loss/ties as well as some predictions. Delanie Walker, big game? LaMichael James opening up the playbook? Who knows? All I know is blowout city. | Can Colin Kaepernick and the offense bounce back after gifting victory to the Rams (Malone)

Ah, the first Super Bowl I could remember. The Dolphins were so high-powered that year. The 49ers were too good though and were never really threatened in their second Super Bowl victory. | 49ers vs Dolphins throughout history (translation: an excuse to write about Super Bowl XIX) (BASG)

Frank Gore, Tarell Brown set to play Sunday for 49ers (Yahoo!)

Could've it been Harbaugh and Alex Smith in Miami (

Prediction: 49ers will beat Dolphins by two touchdowns (Cohn)

Dolphins-49ers matchups: Part 1 - Cameron Wake vs Joe Staley (Cohn)

Dolphins-49ers matchups: Part 2 - Sean Smith, Nolan Carroll, and Jimmy Wilson vs Michael Crabtree (Cohn)

Dolphins-49ers matchups: Part 3 - Koa Misi, Kevin Burnett and Nolan Carroll vs Vernon Davis (Cohn)

Dolphins-49ers matchups: Part 4 - Jonathan Martin vs Aldon Smith (Cohn)

Dolphins-49ers matchups: Part 5 - Kevin Coyle vs Jim Harbaugh, Greg Roman, John Morton and Geep Chryst (Cohn)

Assorted 49ers News

This comes from another blog and I could get fired for even telling you guys there's another blog to read (<=== joke) but this piece explains a lot about the 49ers' turnaround in recent years. | The NFL's most valuable person (Grantland)

NaVorro Bowman, Dashon Goldson draw league fines (Mercury News)

Benching of Alex Smith about concussion precedent (Mercury News)

Michael Crabtree separating himself from Niners WR pack (Pro Football Weekly)

Brandon Jacobs mad he's not playing, rips fans who criticize (NBC Sports)

Dashon Goldson evangelizes for safer tackling (Branch)

Being a Sheep

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