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49ers inactives: LaMichael James, AJ Jenkins active; Brandon Jacobs inactive

We break down the 49ers and Dolphins inactive reports for Week 14.


The 49ers released their inactive reports for Week 14 and I have to think Brandon Jacobs time with the 49ers might be just about over. The 49ers have activated LaMichael James and A.J. Jenkins and deactivated Brandon Jacobs. During the preseason, Jacobs looked solid in his two appearances, but an injury sidelined him through the rest of the preseason and it's been downhill ever since.

Now that Jacobs is inactive, the question will be how the running game looks behind Frank Gore. Does LaMichael James fill the Kendall Hunter role, or do we see Anthony Dixon combine with James for a dual back-up role? My guess is the latter, but we'll see James in some form or fashion. I'm kind of excited to see the read option used with Colin Kaepernick and James.

As for wide receiver, Mario Manningham is inactive, as expected, and so A.J. Jenkins is almost guaranteed to actually get on the field today. The 49ers have sat their rookies all season (even when Jenkins was active), so this should make for an intriguing game.

49ers inactives: Scott Tolzien, Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham, Jewel Hampton, Trenton Robinson, Joe Looney, Ian Williams