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Colin Kaepernick brushes tattoos after 50-yard touchdown run

Colin Kaepernick made a gesture to his tattoos, likely in response to David Whitley's article

Ezra Shaw

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick put the final nail in the Dolphins coffin on Sunday with a 50-yard touchdown run. The run gave the 49ers a 27-13 lead, and wrapped up what had otherwise been a rather tense affair.

Recently, an AOL columnist wrote an article denigrating Kaepernick for his tattoos. He wanted more clean-cut players, and there was even a tinge of racism in the article. Kaepernick has not acknowledged much about the article, but Sunday he appears to have referenced it. After running in his touchdown, Kaepernick brushed the tattoos on his right arm and then kissed the arm.

Take that David Whitley.