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Golden Nuggets: What Super Bowl?

As we keep pumping out the links through the offseason, as James mentioned yesterday, there will be days where links are far and few between. That really is more of an issue when we hit the summer thanks to the NFL becoming basically a 10-11 month long sport. Once the Super Bowl wraps up, we've got draft season leading up to the combine at the end of February, free agency in March, and then more draft talk through the end of April. As things do slow down, it'd be nice to expand the Nuggets a bit. We hit primarily the Bay Area media, but does anybody have sites they check out that get them some interesting 49ers info to which we're not linking? We're always on the lookout for new sources.

On a side note, anybody else already sick of Super Bowl coverage? Tre will have his take on how the end of the 49ers season might be impacting all this, but for now, I'm sick of it without actually watching much of it. Aside from ESPN or NFLN being on in bars, I have not actually watched either channel since before the 49ers-Giants game. Seeing it all on twitter is driving me crazy. It really is. I'm going to a friend's place for the game on Sunday, but other than that, the Super Bowl is dead to me for this week. Well, maybe not dead since I'll complain about it here and there, but it's definitely not on my good side.

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Being a Sheep

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