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2012 Pebble Beach Pro-Am: Alex Smith, Jim Harbaugh Set To Participate

Next week, the world of sports and entertainment descends on Pebble Beach for one of the more famous Pro-Am tournaments in America. Golfers team up with celebrities from a broad range of fields including tv and movie stars as well as stars from a variety of other sports. Our 49ers will be represented next week by numerous people, including head coach Jim Harbaugh and quarterback Alex Smith.

Both will take part in the San Francisco Giants versus San Francisco 49ers Charity Shoot-out. Representatives for the teams will battle for a $100,000 grand prize that will go to the charity of their choice. Harbaugh and Smith join Harris Barton, Dwight Clark, Brent Jones and Jerry Rice as they will battle Mike Krukow, Dave Flemming, Matt Cain and Will Clark. I'd imagine the Giants will add a couple more between now and next Tuesday.

If you happen to be looking to head to Pebble Beach for the tournament next week, the Giants vs. 49ers shootout is Tuesday, February 7 at 1:30pm. It seems like the 49ers are missing a golden opportunity by not including Andy Lee, but what are you gonna do? I happen to be an A's fan and not a Giants fan, so it makes it all the easier to root on the 49ers in this contest!