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Caption This: "Wha'd I do, Bro?"

I tend to hold myself to a few guidelines when choosing where to go with a new week's Caption This. One of those guidelines is that I don't like posting photos of fans. Notable exceptions included "Blind Refs" around Halloween, because those guys were great, and "Weird Family Sitting on a Dead Lawn Celebrating Big Ben's Wedding" back whenever he got married, because those people deserved it.

Well, this guy deserves it. For one, that hat is a crime. I'm pretty sure it's the hat he's being arrested for, though the official line I saw was "disorderly conduct." For another... well, okay. It's mostly the hat.

I'm also still bitter about that whole "not being in the Super Bowl" thing. So take that random midriff-bearing Giants fan.

Caption away on this one. What's the hidden story behind that arrest? What's the hidden story behind that hat? These are questions that I can't answer, but that your captions may be able to. And if you see a caption that gives you a laugh, give it a rec right back. It's just the right thing to do. Last week, mcwagner took home the most recs.