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2011 49ers Grades: Blake Costanzo

After moving around between starters and depth players this week, we have our first exclusive special teams player in Blake Costanzo. The 49ers special teams unit was a thing to behold in 2011 whether it be David Akers kicking field goals and touchbacks or Andy Lee's booming punts that had little to no return. And yet, Akers and Lee had huge years in part because their coverage units put together fantastic performances.

It is hard to really give one particular player credit with the #TonyMontana squad, but you could argue Costanzo played a key role in bringing a certain mentality to the unit. Special teamers in general have that slightly crazy mentality in them. After all, it takes a certain kind of person to consistently run down the field looking to blow people up. The offense and defense get incredibly physical in their own right, but it is not quite the same as the special teams.

Blake Costanzo was brought in for his special teams prowess, in a similar vein to the 49ers drafting Colin Jones simply to play special teams. The 49ers special teams depth was very solid and was an important aspect of the 13-3 season. Costanzo is a free agent and has increased his profile to a certain extent. And yet, does he really end up anywhere else after this recently completed season? I suppose it is possible, but I've got to think Costanzo is back in 2012. Do you think the unit can repeat the dominance of 2011?