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Calling All Faithful: 49ers Fans, Lets Contribute

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As a 49er fan, I've been a little envious of the Seattle Seahawks "13th 12th Man," which of course refers to their roaring fan base at home games. They notably have one of the loudest stadiums for visiting teams to play in during the regular season. Although the two post-season games hosted at Candlestick were louder than any Niner games I've seen in a decade. I'm challenging the 49er Faithful to be one of the loudest fan bases in the offseason.

Twitter has become a powerful media and communication tool, enabling ordinary Joe's to message and sometimes get feedback from athletes and celebrities. For those of you who have Twitter accounts, you are probably aware of all the interesting stories that have come from it. For instance, when Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder partook in a flag football game with a kid who was a man down, looking for a wide receiver.

What a coincidence, the 49ers are also looking for a wide receiver. I encourage all those with a Twitter account and all those with time to make one to rally as one and help recruit for our beloved 49ers. I think the consensus is that San Francisco is a true #1 receiver away from a Lombardi Trophy - so how badly do you want one in San Fran next season?

There are a handful of impact players at the receiver position but for campaigning sake, it's been narrowed down to two: Dwayne Bowe and Vincent Jackson. Since Bowe does not have a Twitter account and Jackson does (@VincentTJackson), let the rally begin.

I'm not going to assume 100% of Niners fans want Jackson; in fact I know a lot of fans would prefer Bowe or Stevie Johnson. But to briefly address the two issues most fans have with Jackson (age and price): despite being 29 years old, Jackson doesn't have a lot of mileage on his legs with only 3 complete seasons as a starter (2008, 2009 and 2011); his price could be lower for San Francisco given that Jackson would be able to stay in California and join a Super Bowl contender.

So Niners Nation, I implore you to take to your keyboards and recruit.


#VJtotheBay (with a customized message of your own)

With everyone contributing a little bit, this could get recognition and really light a fire. Our collective efforts could result in the 49ers landing one of the big fish out there, whether it be Jackson or someone else. Let's give back to the franchise that worked its tail off for us this past season. And for you NCAA fans out there, you know great recruiting can win championships. Let's put it all on the table and see what we get back. Man your battle stations.

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Vincent Jackson 2011-2012 Highlights (via Chargerzfan32)