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DeSean Jackson Rumors: Eagles Expected To Franchise Talented Receiver

This might not come as a surprise to many folks, but word out of Philadelphia is that the Eagles will definitely be placing the franchise tag on DeSean Jackson barring a contract extension before then. There had been some chatter the Eagles might let Jackson walk this offseason, but the franchise tag provides them with an assortment of options ranging from playing under the tag, signing a long-term deal, getting traded, or the team eventually rescinding the tag if they can't find a trading partner and don't want to deal with Jackson for another year.

There has never been any word that the 49ers are at all interested in DeSean Jackson. There has been plenty of discussion in the comments here, but it is stuck in the general speculative discussion among fans.

Even if the 49ers have no interest in Jackson, his situation does impact many of the teams looking for wide receivers. Plenty of teams will be looking to add a playmaker and when you potentially remove one from the table, there is a bit of a domino effect on the other teams. Some of the quality talent out there includes Dwayne Bowe, Marques Colston, Vincent Jackson, Steve Johnson, and Brandon Lloyd.

We've discussed the wide receiver position in a variety of ways with people having drastically different opinions on some of the top-end talent. So, it's time to vote. I've removed DeSean Jackson from the equation so please don't vote other if you want Jackson. Let's assume it's any unrestricted free agent BUT DeSean Jackson. If you vote other, please provide a name and why.