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Golden Nuggets: When Long Beach State And UNC Charlotte Top The Charts

Well, it is safe to say we have hit the first rut of the offseason. This past weekend was the first weekend without football since before the lockout ended. Some of the writers that cover the 49ers are taking some time off, so coverage is a bit less than normal. That can be seen with this morning's links, which are far and few between. The only one that isn't much of a repeat of previous news is Lowell Cohn's ranking of the Bay Area professional sports teams. Of course, he forgot the San Jose Sharks, but I suppose he's just trying to send a statement about hockey with their absence. Or it's plain laziness. Who knows.

Another sign things are slowing down? A Google News search of 49ers includes Long Beach State and UNC Charlotte on the first page. 'Nuff said. While I definitely miss football, I also like the idea of sort of re-charging our batteries to get ready for 2012. We'll be here every day of course, but we'll still be able to get a bit refreshed before the news cycle picks back up. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the football free weekend.

49ers on top of Bay Area heap (Press Democrat)

49ers set 2014 target date to play in Santa Clara (

Ed Donatell can't interview with Bucs, 49ers say (

A spin around NFC West front offices (Sando)

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