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Vote For A 49ers Fan In Xfinity's Ultimate Social Media Contest

We've had a couple posts the last few weeks about a contest Xfinity is running in regards to their Ultimate Social Media contest. The winner of the contest gets a temporary job with Xfinity that involves operating a twitter account over the course of the year at numerous major sporting events.

They have moved on to the voting round and it turns out we have a 49ers fan in the running. Ronald Kemp discovered the contest through one of our previous posts and submitted his video. He was selected as one of 74 people that you can vote on over at Facebook. You can vote once per day through February 19.

Ronald is an east coast 49ers fan based in the Washington, DC area and he sent along some info that I have posted after the jump. If you get a free minute each day, vote for Ronald. The top five vote-getters will then showcase their skills at a live sporting event the weekend of March 10.

What's Up Niner Nation! My name is Ron Kemp AKA The "East Coast 49er" & LIFE LONG and dedicated 49ers fan! Can YOU ALL help me make the "Catch IV' by Voting for me "Ron K" daily @ this link until Sunday Feb. 19th to win the "Ultimate Sports Media Job" with Comcast & Xfinity Sports"!

Here is my BIO! I was born and raised in the NYC area, one of the most Unique Sports Cultures In the world! As a kid growing up My Dad was A HUGE Ronnie Lott fan and I decided that from an early age I was a #NinerFan4Life!

On Sat. 1/14/12 I had the GREATEST sports day of my Life @ The Stick! Being In The Building to witness our Legendary Win "The Catch III" against the Saints helped me see ANY DREAM IS POSSIBLE. That weekend when I saw Niners Nation post about the "Ultimate Sports Media Job" I asked..... "Why not Me" and entered! I want to make the "Catch IV" LOL

To be honest, I already have a "Dream Job" . I am currently a PE Teacher in the DC Metropolitan area. Teaching children the value of Building Character and Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle is maybe the BEST job in the world. However , by winning the "Ultimate Sports Media Job" With Comcast & Xfinity Sports, I would have a broader platform to share my Lifelong passion for the value of Sports!

BAR NONE there is no one in this contest who can do this JOB the WAY I will. I have the Experience , Sports IQ, Universal Perspective AND Genuine "Love of the Game" that would allow me to take THIS DREAM JOB to the NEXT LEVEL! I am CLOSE to the Championship Round and with YOUR Votes I WILL get there!!! Please let me showcase my talents! I Humbly ask for your #support. Ron Kemp

#Vote4RonKemp daily until this Sunday 2/19/ 12 at this link

You can also follow me @Stillnotagame on twitter.

"Who's Got It Better Than Us?" NOBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!