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2012 NFL Free Agents: Will Joshua Morgan Be A Prized Possibility?

The folks at National Football Post put together a post yesterday with a rundown of all sorts of news and rumors through the weekend. One name popped up that will interest 49ers fans (thanks to Young_To_Rice for the FanShot):

An under the radar player who is expected to be a very hot free agent is 49ers receiver Joshua Morgan. Teams are buzzing about the possibility of acquiring Morgan, who is considered a very good talent who should be available at a lesser price than the receivers on the top rung. The 49ers have been enthralled with Morgan for four years, but he never really had a breakout because of health issues and offensive ineptitude in previous seasons. A broken leg limited him to five games in 2011. But front office men see Morgan as someone with decent size, speed, toughness and playmaking ability.

Whatever you think of the 49ers offensive ineptitude (plenty of discussion has been had on that issue for several years now), the most interesting angle on this is the idea that Morgan could come at a decent discount. Of course, given how the market can work, if several teams are thinking he's a very good talent that could be had for cheap, that would seem to push his price up a bit.

It sounds like Morgan will be waiting until free agency opens before coming to terms on any sort of deal. His injury stunted what was developing into a potentially solid 2011 season. It makes sense that he would wait to see what the market dictates before coming to terms on a new deal. I would imagine it can only go up with some added interest, but we'll have to wait and see.

Where do you see Morgan fitting into the 49ers offense if he does return next year? This isn't a general how will the offense do post, but rather, what role do you think he fits in the offense based on his skill set?