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Golden Nuggets: Dashon Goldson And A Lack Of Links

I'm surprised by the fact that people didn't jump on me yesterday for suggesting that Dashon Goldson isn't the greatest thing ever. I just think that he's a very visual player, and one big hit is generally enough to make you forget about the previous ten plays in which he was totally out of position and a liability. Every interception has other surrendered passes. And like I said yesterday, it's not that I don't want him on the team, it's that I only consider him a priority because he's really the only option and under the condition that he doesn't make much more than he did this past season. It's just my opinion, though ... I do see why people think he deserves more. Let's get to your links for the day. There's not many to go through.

Mayock: WRs Jeffery, Sanu too slow, not first rounders (

Santa Clara approves plans for 49ers stadium (

Conference Call: Mike Mayock (

My biggest fear: a benched Alex Smith (

Being a Sheep

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