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Caption This: The Story of Jaws

Ron Jaworski never lost his love for playing the game. Since retiring, he's never stopped missing being a football player in the National Football League, feeling that deep sense of camaraderie with a close-knit group of football players. Whether in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, or Kansas City, it's safe to say that the one thing that kept Ron Jaworski going was playing football. He never lost his passion for strapping on the pads. He never lost his competitive fire. He never lost the burning desire to prove that he could still play football in the National Football League.

That's why Ron Jaworski still takes every opportunity he can to lace up a pair of cleats and step back out on the gridiron. Ron Jaworski isn't afraid to get a little dirty. When Ron Jaworski steps out on the turf, he'll take on anyone. Brian Urlacher? Bring it. Mike Singletary? Ron Jaworski says yes. Patrick Willis? Justin Smith? Ed Reed? Bring 'em on! Small children? Abso-frickin'-lutely!

And let me just tell you one thing, one thing about the legend that is Ron Jaworski, one thing that you simply may not know: When it comes to playing football, he can still enjoy beating the crap out of small children.

Oh, Ron. You're so enthusiastic about stuff. You almost make it too easy.

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