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2012 NFL Free Agents: Stevie Johnson, Bills Continue Contract Talks

Although the NFL world is mostly waiting for the start of the NFL Combine next week, contract discussions do continue for some players. We mentioned this past weekend how the Philadelphia Eagles were likely going to franchise wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Now it looks like another receiver could come off the market before free agency.

According to reports out of Buffalo, the Bills and wide receiver Stevie Johnson have exchanged contract proposals and will meet at the Combine to discuss things further. This does not mean the two sides are close to a deal since we don't know what numbers were exchanged. However, the fact that they are talking would seem to be somewhat positive news for Bills fans who want to keep Johnson and 49ers fans who do not want the 49ers considering Johnson.

The Bills receiver has a ton of talent, but he also has had plenty of mental miscues that can lead to some headaches. He has put together back-to-back solid seasons, although sometimes it has felt like he could have done more this year. There has occasionally been a bit of inconsistency in his performance. Not wildly inconsistent, but enough that it's noticeable and a little bothersome for some reason.

For those interested in signing Johnson, it is worth noting that he was born in San Francisco.