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Golden Nuggets: Oh, Anthony Dixon ...

You know what, folks? I was let down yesterday, in a very big way. I took to Twitter for, really, the only reason I go on Twitter: to read a tweet from Anthony Dixon. My needs are simple: I get on, I read something that is either hilarious or impossible to understand (and therefore hilarious) from Dixon, I laugh, I say "Oh, Boobie ..." and then I go about my day. That's how it works. It's always worked that way. But when I got on yesterday and I read that Dixon described a trip to Taco Bell for Mountain Dew Baja Blast to be "epic." I know that word is destroyed because of the internet, I just thought that ... I thought that Dixon was beyond that. I guess not. My soul hurts. Onto your linkage for the day.

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Being a Sheep

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