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Golden Nuggets: I've Still Got My USF Dons!

Things remain quiet in 49ers land with the entire world tuning out of football for a bit. The good news is that this coming week brings with it the annual NFL Combine. Not much actually happens with the Combine, but it allows us to focus in on football for a few days and pretend great things are happening.

In the meantime, I've got college basketball to keep me occupied for the next month and a half. I went to the San Francisco-Gonzaga matchup at War Memorial Gym here in San Francisco yesterday and got to enjoy the USF Dons upsetting the ranked Bulldogs. Although I remain a baseball fan, college basketball, and particularly college basketball in February and March, have climbed up there as my favorite time of the year after football season. Anybody have their other sports to keep them at least a little fired up for now?

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