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49ers Free Agents: The Franchise Tag, Carlos Rogers And Dashon Goldson

Here's a post I wanted to open up just to get a good gauge of how you folks view a couple of players. I'm not going to dive into a lot of specifics into the players give hugely convincing samples for either player, because I want to see how you guys are voting right now, and explore the reasoning. There's been a lot of talk lately about Dashon Goldson and Carlos Rogers, both are players that the 49ers want to bring back, but one of them seems to be more important than the other.

While the initial assumption was that the 49ers were more eager to get Rogers locked up given his season, there were talks about Goldson being more of a priority. This is perplexing to me, mostly because I believe corners are more valuable than safeties any day of the week (an imperfect safety is easier to disguise than an imperfect corner) and the fact that Rogers was a top-three corner while Goldson was around a top-ten safety.

One thing people have said is that Goldson is younger, and therefore should get the priority, but I think the talent difference between these two is rather large and that trumps age. That isn't to say that I think Goldson shouldn't be a priority, no, there's a much simpler solution for him. Tomorrow is the first day that teams can apply the franchise tag. It's not the be-all, end-all in contract discussions ... they can continue to work on their guy after applying the tag, so long as the tender isn't signed.

The tender amount for cornerbacks is expected to be right around $10.6 million in 2012, while the franchise amount for safeties is expected to be about $6.2 million. Personally, my inclination would be to aggressively work on getting Rogers pinned down, and then tag Goldson. Have the safety of the tag, and then work on Goldson. That's my choice of action, what's yours?