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Ken Whisenhunt Describes His Quarterbacks As 'Knuckleheads' At Times

While this is a 49ers blog, there is enough going on around the NFC West that it is worthwhile to get some content related to the 49ers divisional competitors. And when a coach describes his quarterbacks as showing at times that they are knuckleheads, well we can't pass that up!

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt was discussing his quarterbacks on the radio a couple days ago. He stated that he did think the team was better at the position than they were a year ago, but he basically pointed to their inconsistencies as the primary issue:

"They've shown at times that they can do things very well, they've shown at times that they are knuckleheads and it's our job to get the players that are there on our team to play better. That's what we're going to do and we're excited about that."

This came a few days after GM Rod Graves said it was likely that the team would have Kevin Kolb on the roster when a March 17 roster bonus came do. However, his comments about Kolb were interesting in their lack of long term commitment:

"There's no reason to think at this particular point that we wouldn't proceed with ... seeing the contract through, but things change as we go down the road."

The Cardinals have been mentioned as a team that might pursue Peyton Manning if he is released by the Indianapolis Colts. However, they have a sizable commitment to Kevin Kolb (both in money and the draft picks dealt), which leaves them in a bit of a pickle. Do they just roll with Kolb hoping he can develop some consistency? How long do they stick with Kolb if he struggles moving forward?