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49ers Stadium Gets $200 Million In NFL G-4 Funding

The 49ers added some additional funding to their stadium on Thursday as the NFL approved $200 million in a G-4 loan that will go towards construction costs. This represents the last piece of funding for what is expected to be a $1.02 billion stadium. The biggest chunk was the $850 million loan taken out in December, but this $200 million remains an important part of the financing process. It is my understanding that the 49ers will pay the G-4 loan off in part through premium seating revenue. The stadium builders' licenses may play a role, too.

The 49ers are the first team to receive funding under the new collective bargaining agreement. The previous CBA had the G-3 stadium fund but that dried up due to a host of stadiums recently built (Cowboys, Giants/Jets) or renovated (Chiefs). It is not a surprise the 49ers are getting this money, but it is still nice to have it officially completed. The 49ers had initially had an optimistic opening date of the 2014 NFL season, but the more realistic scenario is 2015. Maybe a Super Bowl shortly thereafter?

There is still an expected hefty price that folks will have to pay to get season tickets in the new stadium. A lot of numbers are floating around right now, but it is worth noting that for the most part those are dealing with club level seats. These stadium builder licenses will be expensive, but we'll have to wait and see what all of them will cost (as opposed to just the early higher end ones).

I'm curious how many people with season tickets now will look to get season tickets in the new stadium. Before we get to that, I've included a poll about your current season ticket status, as well as your plan for 2012. I know most people don't live in the greater Bay Area, so answer accordingly, or you can simply ignore the poll.