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Golden Nuggets: No News, So Video Game Time!

Morning, folks, morning. Not a whole lot going on right now, but I will say that I am not in possession of the greatest video game in the history of video games. That being said, it's pertinent to the San Francisco 49ers and all of you good folks can expect a full review shortly here on NN. That being said, there's nothing in regards to new links, at least none that I see when I'm doing this. If I happen to miss any, go ahead and post them in up in the comments and tell me how lame I am for missing them. Onto the linkage for the day.

NFL franchise tag period begins Monday: How will 49ers use it? (

The 49ers' blueprint for snagging Mike Wallace (

Obama to Vernon Davis: You'd make a great Chicago Bear (

Will Jim Harbaugh let Coby Fleener get away? (

How the 49ers will approach free-agent WRs (

Being a Sheep

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