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2012 NFL Combine: Submit Video Of Your 40-Yard Dash

Over the last few years, NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen has put on a bit of a show at the NFL Combine as he has run the 40-yard dash in full suit and tie with tennis shoes. He runs in the six second range, which probably isn't that much worse than what some of us might run.

NFL Network is taking this to a whole new level this year. They want people to submit video clips of themselves running the 40 yard dash, starting today. However, much like Rich runs in his suit at the Combine, they want people to run the 40 in their work attire at their place of business. When they air Eisen's 40-yard dash, they'll also include the best viewer submitted runs.

Viewers can submit the clips using any upload tool (Twitvid, youtube, etc.), so long as they tweet or post a link of the video to @richeisen @nfl @nflnetwork or and use the hashtag #RunRichRun

If you decide to take part in this, please let me know either via email ( or tweet me @ninersnation with your video and I'll post any that I get.