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Golden Nuggets: Brian Jennings For Life

Good morning folks, and thanks to Fooch. for covering the Nuggets yesterday, as I was having some internet troubles. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be able to get back to fuller, more comprehensive Nuggets. I just don't have the time lately, but I'm going to get to your links all the same. Of particular note is the fact that the 49ers brought in another long snapper for competition. Kind of odd, considering this particular long snapper has been responsible for multiple team losses. I'm just worried that the 49ers are going to give him the nod over Brian Jennings because Brad Seely is familiar with him. Who knows? Let's get to the links.

49ers acquire competition for long-snapper Jennings (

Donte Whitner talks trusting Alex Smith, consoling Kyle Williams on NFL Network (

Should the 49ers go after WR Mike Wallace? (

Game of tag begins. Who's 'it' for the 49ers? (

Wide Receiver Primer: What to watch at next week's NFL Combine (

How Routt's signing impacts 49ers (

Combine Conversation: Charley Casserly (

49ers Will Weigh Ginn's Worth as Return Man (

Scouting combine kicks off this week (

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