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2012 NFL Draft Talk: 49ers Select CB Janoris Jenkins

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For this to be the case, it would mean the 49ers first round pick.

Janoris Jenkins, who made his name with the Florida Gators, finished his collegiate career at the University of Northern Alabama after some off the field issues. Since the 49ers have such a strong and disciplined organization, with a great staff, the off-the-field issues don't scare me from Jenkins. Because the bottom line is, the film looks good on him -- good enough where even after switching schools because of multiple arrests, he still has a first round grade.

If Jenkins falls to San Francisco, which is very possible, he might be looking like the best player available and he fills a need. I like him because he's a weapon; he's quick, versatile, gets his hands on the ball and has return ability. He's performed well against a high level of competition at Florida, bringing the fight to guys like Alshon Jefferey, Julio Jones and A.J. Green.

This is also a viable option because the 49ers are believed to pursue a free agent wide receiver, as well as draft one. They can afford to draft one later given what a deep class it is, and with Michael Crabtree back and Joshua Morgan likely returning, they can wait till the 2nd-3rd round to grab one.

Another good thing about Jenkins is that he doesn't shy away from contact and most of the time, is a pretty sound tackler. The 49ers defense is built around the fundamentals, and there's no exception for defensive backs, everyone has to know how to tackle. He is also a model fit for the 49ers in that he always seems to be going for the ball.

At the next level, I could see him as the next Asante Samuel; they sure do play alike. Since free agency hasn't played out yet, we don't know how pressing a need cornerback will be over filling other potential holes but cornerback is already a top 3 need for San Francisco.

What do you think of the possibility of the 49ers using their first round pick on Janoris Jenkins?

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