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Jim Harbaugh Hustling For Indiana Coach Tom Crean

You might recognize the guy in the black sweatshirt! (Courtesy of Pete Oren - <a href="!/iu77bu81" target="new">@iu77bu81</a>)
You might recognize the guy in the black sweatshirt! (Courtesy of Pete Oren - @iu77bu81)

In case you are wondering what you are looking at in this picture, it is a shot from this evening's Indiana-North Carolina Central matchup at Assembly Hall in Bloomington, Indiana. In sort of center/right you'll see 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh in his traditional black sweatshirt. What is Harbaugh doing there? Well, he is in Indiana for the 2012 NFL Combine, having arrived there following a plane-trip in the coach section. Why is he at the Indiana game? Well, his brother-in-law is Tom Crean, who happens to be the head coach of the University of Indiana basketball team.

What is truly most fantastic about this picture is what Harbaugh was doing that led to him being on the court during the game. Head after the jump for a run through some tweets.

To most people this would seem incredibly random and bizarre. And yet, after the initial double-take upon reading this, I am not really surprised by it. Maybe this is taking the blue-collar mentality further than any of us might have expected, but it's still pretty entertaining to see. And while it might be an act for some, I'd imagine most 49ers fans don't view it as an act. It's definitely a little out there, but it's pretty cool to see. Or maybe he just lost a family wager.