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Golden Nuggets: Ready To Make Every Offseason Headline Mention Brian Jennings

Finally, after almost two years of using terrible internet and leeching off of unknowing neighbors with unsecured routers, I've got something stable. What does this mean to you, other than the fact that I've given you all yet another insignificant fact about my daily life? It means that I can actually sit in comfort, with good signal, and put some effort into writing the Nuggets. There's still going to be a lot of quick links throughout these early parts of the offseason, but there will be more full editions here and there. Let's just get right into the linkage, yeah? Enjoy.

New 49ers stadium in Santa Clara: all systems go for 2014 (Super Bowl in 2016?) (

49ers sign LS Ryan Pontibriand to compete with Brian Jennings (

Does Steelers top receiver want to be a 49er? (

Newest Niner? Names to follow at the scouting combine (

49ers Mailbag: Brooks' replacement already on team (

49ers need Mike Wallace (

Groundbreaking on 49ers' stadium pushed up to late spring (

Being a Sheep

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