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NFL Combine #RunRichRun: 49ers Fan Runs The 40-Yard Dash In Lab Clothes

Why yes it is indeed a quiet start to the day. The NFL Combine officially began yesterday, although in reality today is when things pick up with the first of the numerous measurements for each player. Later today, offensive linemen, tight ends and special teamers will begin the underwear Olympics with height, weight and arm measurements. The arm measurements are particularly important for offensive linemen as shorter armed tackles are more likely to be kicked inside to guard and center.

The first physical drills get going on Saturday when this first batch of players runs through the various running drills, broad and vertical jumps and the bench press. The running drills feature the always famous 40-yard dash, a 3-cone drill and a shuttle run.

Speaking of the 40-yard dash, earlier this week, NFL Network officials put out a call for people to record themselves running a 40-yard dash in their work clothes in their workplace. Each year Rich Eisen runs the 40-yard dash in suit and tie at the Combine and they wanted to compile some videos to air surrounding that.

A 49ers fan joined in the fun and I wanted to post his YouTube video. it's pretty impressive because it involves some organic chemistry grad students running in lab clothing in their lab. The video is after the jump and features three runs, with the second being 49ers fan Matthew Endo. Hopefully we'll see his video on NFL Network later this weekend or early next week.