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Caption This: Jerry SLICE

For those of you who may not habla la lengua de golf (that means: the lengua of golf), that's a little golf joke hidden in the headline. But it's not just a golf joke. Let me explain.

Here we have a photo. Jerry Rice is in the photo. If you look to the background, Jim Harbaugh is also in the photo. Now, I don't know about you, but I imagine Jim Harbaugh standing at the edge of the bunker jeering any player unlucky enough to land in the sand trap. He just stands there, waiting. It's what he does in the offseason. Really, the man is lost without football.

Anyhoo, there he stands, waiting for sand shots. And, oh, the inner smile he feels when he sees Jerry Rice saunter into his zone (too stoic to show it on the outside). Oh, yes. Oh, he's been waiting for this. He's been waiting for this longer than you can imagine. He's so excited that he almost wastes it on a practice swing.

But he waits. Patience is his game.

And just at the moment that Rice reaches into his backswing, a sound soars across the heavens, majestic in its clarity, tone, and timing. "Jerry... SLICE!" Harbaugh yells, pulling Jerry's mind out of the swing just enough. The ball skips away, deeper into the sand. Harbaugh can't help but smile now, the corners of his mouth spreading across his face. He has another chance. He's ready. He waits...

Now: The name of the game is captions. We'll all use this thread to make them for this photo. If I see any that make me laugh, I'll rec them. And you should, too.

But as an added bonus this week, if I see any that fill in the blank of Harbaugh's coming taunt in my imaginary narrative above, I will personally rec it automatically whenever I make it back to the thread. Last week, Eyeblack22 took home the most recs. Will it be you this time?