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NFL Combine Results: WR Alshon Jeffery Sheds Some Weight

One of the more "divisive" players in this year's draft class is South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. He has been projected in a variety of spots in mock drafts and that has led to some folks thinking he is a fit for the 49ers and others concerned about his weight. There have been numerous comments about him being overweight and not worth the pick.

Earlier today, wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks weighed in at the Combine and Jeffery came in at 6'3, 216 pounds. For those wondering, he finished off his playing career at South Carolina in the 230 range, and Internet rumors had him upwards of 240 at times. Jeffery acknowledged the 230 but blew off rumors of anything beyond that.

The Combine is arguably the most important job interview of most of these guys' careers. They will face earning new contracts and potentially post-NFL jobs, but for now, this is as important as it gets. Jeffery would seem to be taking it sufficiently serious since weight was one of the flags raised about him through the early part of the "draft season."

Jeffery still has to run the 40-yard dash on Sunday, and that will be highly viewed. The other question will be how much strength he will lose with the 14+ pound weight loss. He remains a sizable wide receiver, but this could be one guy whose bench press could be a bit more important. Also, his work in the vertical and broad jumps will give us some insight into his lower body strength following the weight loss. A strong performance on Sunday could do wonders for his draft stock.