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Niners Nation News: Movin' On Up

I tweeted about this earlier today, but wanted to post something here at Niners Nation for the folks that don't use Twitter. Starting March 1 I will be joining SB Nation in a full time role related to NFL content. I am not leaving Niners Nation, but rather am adding some additional responsibilities.

Previously I had always planned on pursuing some kind of legal career following law school. That is still always a possibility down the road, but for now I get to continue doing what I've come to love more than most anything. Over the last six months I've been providing some content over at SB Nation NFL. I'll continue doing that to some extent, but this new role involves more than just writing. It will hopefully help better unite the great NFL content we have all across SB Nation at the main dot com, the regional sites and the team blogs.

As I said above, I will continue busting my butt providing you with quality 49ers content. The most significant change in all this is that I am actually going to be leaving San Francisco. After nine years here, in March I will be relocating to the main SB Nation office in Washington, DC. The two big adjustments will be figuring out a way around all the Redskins coverage out there, and of course watching sports three hours ahead. I've always been a huge fan of viewing sports in the pacific time zone so I have to get back to the eastern time zone for viewing. I went to college in Washington, DC so I've done it before, but it'll take some getting used to.