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Draft Exercise: 49ers Re-Draft 2003 To present

Every year, the Mel Kipers of the world go back to a given draft (generally four or five years previous) and re-draft the first round based on what we know now about those given players. They generally ignore the specific team needs and focus in on basically just ranking the players in order of how well they have performed, combined with any remaining potential upside for them. There is only so much value in such an exercise, given that they are not considering team needs and other factors.

A fellow blogger has come up with what looks like a fun little exercise focusing in on 49ers drafts over the last nine years leading up to the present day. The idea being with the vote of readers, he will re-draft the first three rounds of each 49ers draft since 2003. While it is not exactly a scientific exercise, it is a fun way to look at what could have been with some limitations imposed. So, head over and join in the fun of an exercise that very well might leave you shaking your head in disgust at what could have been!