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Dashon Goldson Likely Shopping For A New Agent

49ers safety Dashon Goldson has apparently decided to part ways with his former agent Drew Rosenhaus. Their contract reportedly expired last month and it would appear as though Goldson has decided it is time for someone else to help him negotiate his new contract.

Goldson hired Rosenhaus two years ago as he was embarking on an effort to secure a sizable contract extension with the 49ers. The 49ers reportedly offered Goldson a five year, $25 million contract but Goldson and Rosenhaus decided to test the market. They were unable to secure a comparable offer and Goldson ended up deciding to return to the 49ers on a one year contract worth $2 million.

The agent works for the player so at the end of the day the player is responsible for the agent's actions. At the same time, it is possible there was some disagreement on accepting the previous offer from the 49ers. We probably will never know, but it is possible that played into Goldson's decision to look for new representation.

The one specific impact of this is that, according to Matt Barrows, the 49ers have not begun negotiations with Goldson. This delay is likely to continue while Goldson figures out his next agent. Nonetheless, given that the 49ers can still franchise him, there is time to get something figured out. The team has until March 5 to use their franchise tag.

For those who are down on Rosenhaus, it is worth noting that he represents numerous 49ers players and has worked out two separate contract extensions for Frank Gore. He is not quite the devil many make him out to be. A new agent likely won't make a huge difference in this. Let's just hope Goldson can get that straightened out sooner rather than later.