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Saturday Evening Open Thread: NBA All Star Saturday, College Basketball And A Little NFL Combine

After a full day of NFL Combine action, we hit a fairly quiet Saturday evening with a few fun activities to check out this evening, completely unrelated to football. The NBA is hosting their All Star weekend festivities, featuring the Slam Dunk Contest, the 3-point shootout and a few other random contests. The Saturday festivities can be inconsistent as far as entertainment value is concerned. We've seen some amazing dunk contests, and we've seen some real stinkers. Fingers cross for some entertainment.

College basketball is entering the final stretch of its regular season, with some conferences wrapping up their regular season play today. There are some exciting matchups today, and for Bay Area residents Saint Mary's at San Francisco is actually one of the more intriguing. USF is coming off an upset of Gonzaga and looking for one final regular season upset. Saint Mary's is looking to solidify their tourney bid.

And for those with no interest in basketball, feel free to discuss the NFL Combine all you want. The folks at Football's Future have put together some helpful spreadsheets of the results from earlier today. Offensive linemen and tight ends went through the various drills so mock drafts are slowly starting to shake up.

So, hopefully everybody enjoys their Saturday night!