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2012 NFL Draft: How Do You Judge 'Character'?

One of the annual storylines in every NFL Draft is the fall of players because of "character concerns." There are immensely talented players that have either made some mistakes most kids make, or they have done some downright stupid stuff that has no real excuse. A gamble on such a player can pay off, but it can also blow up in your face depending on how much you invest in such a pick.

One of the players coming into this year's draft that is dealing with character question marks is North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Although Jenkins has first round talent, he has had his share of troubles that have him all over the place in many mock drafts. He was a three-year starter at Florida before transferring to North Alabama following a variety of misconduct. HIs primary issues have involved fights and marijuana possession.

Jenkins spoke with the media over the weekend and proclaimed that he was done with marijuana for good. If he is in fact maturing and ready to turn things around, a potential slide to No. 30 makes him an intriguing option, particularly if the 49ers do not re-sign Carlos Rogers. Jenkins is not a big cornerback, but he seems to have the physicality and needed confidence to be a good cornerback in the NFL.

The 49ers seem to have a strong structure in place with the current regime. That does not leave them immune to player screw-ups, but a strong environment is valuable for keeping players on the straight and narrow. How do you view character when looking at draft picks?