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Adam Schefter 'Breaks' Old News On Dashon Goldson, Rams Draft Trade

Yea...not so much. Saturday night, Adam Schefter tweeted that the 49ers plan to use their franchise tag on Dashon Goldson. Today, he reported on Sportscenter that league sources told him the Rams were in fact planning on dealing the number two pick.

I did not post anything about his Goldson tweet in part because it was not new information. I suppose it could have been a more firm confirmation of the news, but I think most people here were operating under the assumption that Goldson would get tagged. Carlos Rogers was always another possibility, but Goldson has appeared to be the favorite to date.

As for the Rams info, I don't know how well anyone can say the Rams are "definitely" making a trade of that two pick. If they are not getting anything close to what they want for the pick, they could very well decide it is not worth dealing the pick for 80 cents on the dollar.

Nobody really knows what exactly they are asking for, although Schefter speculates they are likely to get something similar to what the Chargers got for Eli (two 1s, a 3 and a 5). Of course, one drastic change since then is the new rookie salary cap that dramatically decreases the cost of first round picks. I would say a first round pick is more valuable with the new cap. Add in the decreased likelihood of rookie contract disputes and the value is pretty impressive.

Needless to say, I kind of hope the Rams do not get a deal worked out. They have plenty of holes to fill on their roster and acquiring picks for what is likely to be Robert Griffin III could really help them improve their roster. Cleveland is likely a favorite to move up if they are not prepared to build around Colt McCoy. I still think the Redskins make the deal on this one with a future number one included. The Napolean of the Potomac is generally willing to overpay to make things happen and I could see him unloading quite a few picks to build his team around RG3.