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Golden Nuggets: What's All This Combine Nonsense

Good morning, children! It looks like ya'll been good for Fooch over the last couple days. I'm checking in from my vacation in Tabiiland to give you some more Nuggets since I can't rightly ask Fooch to cover sixteen days in a row, now can I? I haven't been keeping up with the Niners, but it doesn't look like a ton has been happening. In fact, when I went to write about the 49ers, I ended up publishing seven articles about the NHL trade deadline. I haven't looked up a single combine stat and that has nothing to do with my vacation. The draft and free agency need to hurry their asses up. Let's get to the links!

Why the 49ers shouldn't ignore Stevie Johnson (

Life-long 49ers fan, Tyler hoping for a ring of his own (

Which wide receivers NFL combine performances could have impressed 49ers scouts (

Why on earth are the 49ers interviewing Robert Griffin III? (

Stanford tight end Coby Fleener on 49ers' radar (

A&M receiver Fuller learns perspective from father (

49ers president Gideon Yu on Jed York and Mark Zuckerberg, the new stadium and an Eddie-Carmen parallel possibility (

Does Bill Walsh deserve blame for the 49ers' past decade of futility (

Rapid transit: Wylie, Owusu, Hill in the 4.3-second club (

49ers cast wide net for receivers at NFL combine (

Lessons from Camp Alex rubbed off on S.J. State star (

2012 Combine All-Personality Team (

Being a Sheep

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