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NFL Rumors: Brandon Carr Could End Up With Cowboys

Early last week, former Oakland Raiders cornerback Stanford Routt signed a sizable contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Prior to the signing, the question was what the Chiefs would pay Brandon Carr to retain him, be it a long term deal or the franchise tag. Instead, signing Routt has left most folks assuming Chiefs free agent cornerback Brandon Carr will end up elsewhere.

There has been some discussion here about whether the 49ers should take a look at Carr if Carlos Rogers walks. As we wait for March 13 to get here, we will be hit with a never-ending supply of rumors. The latest rumor is that most teams are expecting Carr to end up with the Dallas Cowboys when free agency starts.

Tony Pauline is just citing the scuttlebutt in Indianapolis, so we can take it with a certain grain of salt. I remain curious about the 49ers plans at the cornerback position. They think Chris Culliver can move into the starting lineup and seemed to be fine with Tarell Brown's work in 2011. Their plans will be determined to a certain extent by whether or not Rogers stays. They have some young talent in Tramaine Brock, Curtis Holcomb and Cory Nelms, so big money in free agency or a high pick in the draft might not be incredibly likely.

Whatever the case, we head into the final day of the 2012 NFL Combine fittingly enough with the defensive backs getting a chance to do their thing. The big names are Dre Kirkpatrick, Morris Claiborne and Janoris Jenkins. However, a guy the 49ers might eye depending on where he rises or falls is Alfonzo Dennard out of Nebraska. A solid performance today could get him a bump in the eyes of the 49ers. Again, I don't anticipate a high pick on a corner, but it really depends on what is available where.