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Golden Nuggets: Ahmad Brooks-49ers Contract Edition

Happy February 29! So this is what it's like to have a lot of links again! The 49ers got back on the front of the sports page if but for a little bit as they announced the signing of outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks to a six year deal. That means a whole host of new links, which is always good for the Nuggets. Things had grown incredibly quiet, even with the NFL Combine going on. Now it picks back up.

Since I have your undivided attention, I wanted to use the Nuggets to remind you about the new YouTube channel SB Nation is launching on Thursday. There are some preview videos you can check out for now, but the main content will begin to appear Thursday. You can subscribe to the channel and get updates when new content is posted. I'll actually be joining in to help provide video content in about five or six weeks. If you elect to not subscribe to the channel, I'll make sure and post some links here whenever I get some video posted. Hopefully I don't have a "face for radio"!

49ers sign LB Ahmad Brooks to six-year contract extension (Sam Lam)

49ers re-sign Ahmad Brooks, shed light on their defensive philosophy (Bay Area Sports Guy)

49ers show confidence in Brooks with lucrative deal (Maiocco)

49ers lock in OLB Brooks for six more seasons (Barrows)

Brooks: I feel this is where I should be (Barrows)

49ers' Ahmad Brooks signs six-year deal (SJ Mercury News)

Carlos Rogers knows his ‘market value’ (SJ Mercury News)

Niners sign Ahmad Brooks to six-year extension. What about Carlos Rogers? (Press Democrat)

In five years, who will be the best NFL QBs? (Press Democrat)

49ers sign LB Brooks to 6-year extension (Press Democrat)

The top-five 49ers under contract (Press Democrat)

Niners plan to raise up to $500M with seat licenses (Yahoo! Sports)

Fisher king: Rams hold key to the draft (Barrows)

Morning Tailgate: Feb. 28 (

Patriots' Focus on Tight Ends Could Influence 49ers (NBC Bay Area)

Keeping the gang together: Brooks inks deal (

49ers' fantasy questions for the offseason (

Getting your early 2012 NFL free agency fix (Sando)

Ahmad Brooks: 'This is where I should be' (Sando)

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