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Matt Bowen Discusses 49ers 2011 Season And Offseason Needs

One of the perks to the NFL Combine is you get a ton of beat writers, analysts and personnel people in one place for potentially the only time all season. Matt Maiocco was out in Indianapolis and had a chance to conduct an interview with Matt Bowen of National Football Post. I've posted video after the jump so head over to check out what Bowen had to say about the 2011 49ers and moving into 2012.

He hit on a lot of the usual topics including potential needs in the secondary, wide receiver and whether the huge turnover margin is legit or sign of a possible aberration season. He started his offseason discussion by mentioning the QB situation with Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick.

Until Alex Smith actually signs on the dotted line, anything is possible. Nonetheless, most people anticipate Alex Smith back with the 49ers in 2012 and the starting quarterback for now. However, the 49ers did draft Colin Kaepernick as a potential quarterback of the future. He will likely be getting the second team snaps, but I am curious how much playing time we'll see for Kaepernick in August.

The team will be looking to continue implementing their offense, but they also need to get a better idea of what Kaepernick brings to the table with more than just the second and third string offense. Should the team potentially get him out there to start one of the preseason games and get at least a series or two against the opposing ones if possible?

Matt Maiocco speaks with Matt Bowen